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Yatayat Universal - Personnel

Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in Private and Government Support Services

Yatayat Universal is formed to meet the unique challenges and mission support requirements of the federal, state, and local government departments and agencies. With decades of combine personal experience serving in the government, we understand your mission support services must be comprehensive, reliable, and cost effective. Yatayat Universal is able to provide expert support services for government entities of all types.

Iraq Business Consulting

Make starting a business in Iraq by working with our consulting service. Our goal is to assist clients with negotiating all the bureaucratic hurdles involved in getting a company off the ground. We connect you to the important people, providing access to government officials who can help you fulfill the requirements for starting a business in Iraq.

Core Competencies

  • Administrative Support Services
  • Iraq Business Consulting (IBC)
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Linguist, Translation and Immersion Services
  • Logistics Support Services
  • Military Base Operations Support Services
  • Operations & Maintenance


Reliable Support Services

With our extensive capabilities and resources, Yatayat Universal builds value for facilities and missions through cost savings, quality service, and superior management. We also seamlessly integrate our services into our customers' operations. From Translation and Immersion Services solutions to facility management to base operations, Yatayat Universal has the flexibility to work according to your schedule, without inconveniencing staff or visitors.

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