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Yatayat Universal - Logistics

Yatayat Universal provides best-value mission readiness through total support solutions. Anywhere we are needed, we offer our customers the high-quality support they deserve, including conventional and contingency logistics; operations and maintenance support; platform modification and upgrades; supply chain management; and full-spectrum intelligence mission support services.

The Yatayat Universal team combines extensive real-world experience with resourceful, innovative planning to support mobilization, operational readiness, sustainment and development worldwide.

We deliver flexible solutions that are quickly and carefully crafted to meet the situation requirements and rapidly delivered at any global location. Our worldwide expertise in all aspects of logistics and site operations ranges from planning, building, operating and maintaining facilities, to complete logistics and personnel sustainment. We take pride in delivering adaptable, self-sustaining solutions that can be quickly deployed, integrated and dispatched anywhere, anytime.

Yatayat Universal supports critical military vehicle and ground support equipment needs around the world with end-to-end professional services and technical support. By leveraging our extensive global infrastructure, our high-performing teams quickly organize and deploy workforce, material and technology solutions wherever we are needed.

Our unique delivery model and global presence give us access to resources and the necessary means to provide highly effective, customizable and agile solutions to emerging or long-term development needs in justice and governance, stabilization and reconstruction and humanitarian assistance.

Quality Over Quantity

At Yatayat Universal, we value quality rather than quantity when it comes to importing and exporting goods. Our operations span the globe, from the Caribbean, including Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago, to the Middle East, including Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Africa and Asia, including China.

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